Minggu, 25 April 2010

Hacking Facebook Software : Facebook Blaster

Facebook hacking software discussed in this paper is not to use certain tools to get other people's Facebook password, but use software to help collect data from our own Facebook account and then use it as a means of marketing. Software that we will study is the Facebook Blaster.
Especially for you who use Facebook as a means or medium for the promotion or sale, then Facebook Blaster software will help to disseminate product information. The principle of this is to make friends  much as possible. The trick is to gather data en-owner of the account of Facebook then sends the request to be a friend.
With the help of Facebook Blaster This then events id be very easy to collect. Once collected id send request any further activities to be easy because it is done automatically.
Facebook hacking software : Facebook Blaster
Facebook Blaster Before using this, do the preparation as follows:
1. Sign up to Facebook
2. Find a group with a considerable amount,  then join (join)
3. Facebook Blaster software download here
4. Perform the installation as usual
For how to use Facebook Blaster follow the next post.